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February 1986 Foundation of Fuji Engineering Co.
March 1987 Development of the Pallet Sorting machine "Pallet Adjuster"
April 1988 Selected as a "Business supporting the rapid development of technology" by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises
February 1993 Development of a "high humidity mist circulatory defrosting" device "Thawing Meister"
March 1995 Introduction of the "Thawing Meister" on the International Meat Industry Trade Show
September 1995 The company's capital stock exceeds 10 million Yen
February 2001 "Defrosting Meister" is patented
June 2005 Sale of small sized Defrosting Machines
November 2007 Development of the Pallet Exchanging Machine "Pallet Changer"
December 2009 The company moves to Rifu in Miyagi Prefecture
March 11, 2011 Damage to the Defrosting testing chamber due to the Tohoku Earthquake Setup of an interim testing chamber in the office
September 2014 Manufacturing, commerce, service innovation information adoption


Company Name Fuji Engineering Co.
Representative Keiichi Izawa
Address 981-0104 Miyagi-ken Miyagi-gun Rifu-cho Chuo 3-5-1
Telephone Number 022-385-7071
Fax Number 022-385-7045
Founding 10 million yen
Business contents

achinery for the processing of foodstuffs

  • Circulatory High Humidity Mist Defrosting System "Thawing Meister" (portable and stationary)
  • Pinpoint Hyper Freezer
  • other related products, prefab freezers

Machinery for distribution of goods and stock organization

  • Pallet Inversion Machine "Pallet Changer"
  • Pallet Sorting Machine "Pallet Adjuster"
  • other related products
Main Business Partner Far Eastern Trading Company Co. Ltd., Nichimo Co. Ltd.

Defrosting machines, "Thawing Meister"

  • Nipponham Co. Ltd.
  • Ito Ham Co. Ltd.
  • (株)フードリエ殿
  • Hachinohe Kanzume Co. Ltd.
  • Lohmeyer Co. Ltd.
  • Nichiro Chikusan Co.Ltd.
  • Shiogama marine products processing industries cooperative
  • CJ Co. Ltd.
  • HOKO Co. Ltd.
  • and others..

Distribution machinery

  • Sankyu Inc.
  • 日東エフシー(株)殿
  • CX Cargo
  • K.R.S Systems Co. Ltd.
  • Sanofi K.K.
  • and others..