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At Fuji Engineering Co., we work very hard to find ways of reducing the time and labour that goes into preparing orders for delivery.


Flip pallets at 1.5x to 2x times the speed without damaging them!
By using our company's products, flipping wood or plastic pallets is only a matter of seconds. Damage to the pallets can be reduced and work efficiency improved. This means lower costs and less stress to the workers!


Perfectly suited to improve efficiency and lower costs!

  • This machine fully show the result for collection and the management purpose of the pallet.
  • Flipping a pallet takes between 60 and 120 seconds
  • Own pallets and those from other makers are easily interchangable
  • Resin pallets and wooden ones can be switched without much hassle.


Type PX-01 Type PX-02 (rear moving type)
Maximum load 1,200kg 2,000kg
Pallet dimensions W1,200×D1,100×H1,600 W1,200×D1,100×H1,600
(Minimu4) H1,000 H800
External dimensions W2,820×D1,750×H1,750 W2,820×D1,750×H1,750
Hydraulic motor U,V,W 200V 1.5kw U,V,W 200V 1.5kw
Rotational motor U,V,W 200V 0.75kw U,V,W 200V 0.75kw
Capacitence 2.25kw 2.25kw
Safety Sensor Photoelectric Sensors (Option : Laser scanner)
Weight 1,750kg 1,900kg

Pallet adjuster

For more efficiency at the workplace
Pallets that got shifted during forklifting can be easily put back in form with this machine. It can also be used to prevent pallets from collapsing by making sure from the very start that they are prepared properly. It is used and recommended for freezer storages, automated storages and the like. We also offer the option of supplying the back plates made from SUS304.


Outer dimensions W2,150×D1,360×H2,000
Pallet dimensions W1,200×D1,100×H1,500
How to set up Set the rear part to a wall
Tolerance for increased pressure Pallet weight*1.7 (0.85 per side)
Weight around 400kg

(Size to W1,400 will deal with that production as much as possible)