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Creating new chances for the production and processing of our food!
The "Hyper Freezer" utilizes a revolutionary new technique called "Pinpoint Freezing". With this technique, you will be able to preserve foodstuffs' freshness and taste to an extent that has, until now, been impossible to achieve by precisely controlling their water state.

Pinpoint freezing

Seeking freshness and taste with this new technology
When processing foodstuffs using the Pinpoint Freezing technique, electromagnetic waves suppress the attraction of hydrogen atoms among one another.In the next step, free water is reallocated to the space of a cell at which it should reside (pinpointing) to then be frozen in a state close to hydrogen atoms

So what changed...?

Up until now...

  • Using freezing machines meant splitting up the nutrients from the water contained in the food. Also, when freezing the free water in the cells, the resulting ice crystals grow greatly in size, resulting in the destruction of many cells.This is known as the phenomenon called "dripping"
  • If you go ahead and defrost products that have suffered prior cell destruction, the nutrients, smell and taste is washed out together with the molten water. This obviously has a negative effect on colour, taste and food texture.
  • To prevent dripping, a large number of additives and preservatives are currently being added to foodstuffs


Pinpoint freezing has many advantages!

  • Using a pinpoint freezer results in dramatically reduced damage to the cells, preventing nutrient loss etc. due to dripping. In the end, you get a product that is in differentiable from fresh products in taste, texture, colour and freshness
  • Addivites and preservatives become obsolete, so you can enjoy your food the same way it was at its freshest without having to worry about health risks stemming from additives
  • After processing, products can be stored in a freezer (<20°C) instead of having to be sealed airtight


Say goodbye to dripping, a phenomenon that was taken as a fact until now. Changes in colour or shrinkage during cooking have also not been observed. Especially for pinpoint frozen meat, the juicy texture gives the impression of a completely fresh product.
Depending on the kind of seafood, results are striking.Pufferfish, tuna, young yellowtail, sea bream, mackerel and shellfish all benefit greatly in terms of freshness, colour and texture from pinpoint freezing. Shrimp, and other crustaceans will taste like they just jumped out of the ocean.

Freezer Introduction

Upright-type freezer

  • A freezing system that prevents products from drying out with a heavy focus on energy conservation
  • Since no frost sticks to the products, freshness and product quality stays the same even after thawing
  • Depending on the customer's needs, different sizes and layouts are available
  • Power Source:200V-3 50/60Hz
  • Exterior:Coloured or stainless steel (heat insulation 150mm)
  • Interior:Stainless, bottom stainless steel sheets
  • Temperature:-50°C (when empty)
  • Freezer:Air or water cooling
From the setup process to a specific spacing layout, we offer the most complete customer
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