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Speed up the defrosting process using highly humid mist! Germs also do not stand a chance!
Of all the research that Fuji Engineering has conducted, we are especially proud of our achievements in thawing technology. The Thawing Meister uses a groundbreaking new defrosting technique called "Low Temperature/High Humidity Mist Defrosting".It secures the product's quality while minimizing the risk of error during the process. Optional additions to eliminate germs and bacteria are also available.

The principle behind defrosting

When continuously filling a defrosting installation with steam vapor, even at 100°C, its temperature will be regulated the very instance it enters the installation (between 5°C and 30°C). As it touches the frozen produce, sensual heat will revert it back into its liquid state. Once the vapor/water crosses the freezing point it will condensate. The water's latent heat in this situation (condensation from vapor to liquid) is 539.8kcal/kg.The product will be defrosted using this heat. Coming from the opposite direction, water's latent heat when changing from solid (ice) to liquid (water) is a mere 79.7kcal/kg. Since the "Thawing Meister" uses the much more (roughly seven times) higher latent heat resulting from resublimation, the thawing process can be sped up significantly. In reality, once the vapor touches the frozen product's surface, frost will form. The thawing process using latent heat begins at this point. Since the supply of vapor is continuous, the frost will start melting and start flowing down.This process will continue until the frozen product's core temperature passes the highest melting point (between -5℃ and 0℃). After the thawing is complete, the product can enter the next processing stage, i.e.,cooling to preserve its freshness.


Have a look at the defrosted pork loin displayed on the picture.The product on the left was thawed using the "usual method", while the one on the right spent some time in our "Thawing Meister". The meat on the left has apparently lost some of its colour and taken on a slightly whitish tone. However, no changes in colour can be made out for the meat on the right. Furthermore, problems connected to the defrosting process (i.e. dripping that waters down the product's taste) can be resolved by using the "Thawing Meister". Product quality comes first with our products!


  1. Preservation of the product's taste and minimization of errors during thawing.
  2. Easy application makes it an attractive alternative for everyone. No mechanical skills needed!
  3. A low thawing temperature secures product quality.
  4. Setup costs are average for defrosting machines.
  5. Complete product quality management enables adjustment to different seasons.
  6. Both raw foodstuffs aswell processed products can be defrosted → high flexibility.
  7. Countermeasures for measures can also be taken optionally e.g. sterilizing spray
  8. Usage as a chilled storage is also possible.
  9. Data is easy to collect and register.
  10. Orders can be tailored to the customer's needs (different sizes available).
  11. This method has already established itself as the industry standard.
  12. Previously installed boilers can be used, making the transition easier-.

Economic perspective

In the graph shown below, the running costs of running-water-type defrosting machines and the "Thawing Meister" are compared.As you can tell by looking, the "Thawing Meister" running costs are only about 1/8th of its running-water counterpart.


Thawing Meister running-water-type defrosting machines
Water Volume and waste disposal fee ・3t raw material*0.03t water*@200= 18 Yen
・3t drainage*@250/t= 23 Yen
*considering 30l of tap water for 1t
・3t*7 times the amount of underground water*drainage@250/t=5,250 Yen
*considering drainage at 250 Yen
Electricity ・Freezer2.2kw@20/kw*4h= 176 Yen
・Fan1,2*@20/kw*12h=288 Yen
・Pump1.5kw*@20*8h= 240 Yen
Fuel ・Boiler oil@120*1l=120 Yen -
Total 625 Yen 5490 Yen

(Numbers are reference values)

Machine Introduction


▲FH-10Z 5 rooms (pass-through)
40t to 50t processed per day

▲FH-10Z 1 room (pass-through)
5t processed per day

▲FH-10Z 4 rooms (pass-through)
30t processed per day

▲FH-6Z 2 rooms

Attachable type FH-A2000 Defrosting System

  • Customizable to suit the day's workload, meaning reduced cost
  • Every cart is washable, ensuring that hygiene standards are being complied with

Designs specifically catered to factories' layout make the setup easy


From the setup process to a specific spacing layout, we offer the most complete customer
service possible, so please feel free to get in touch with us!

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